Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website.

How it’s Work

The New Way offer add affiliated call-to-action any website & provide a short link. When someone clicked this link affiliated call-to-action shows up, no need any technical and content writing skills, just add call-to-action and share the short link everywhere. is Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool.

Get Started

1. SignUp OR Login

If don’t have AddCTA account then go to Sign Up page and fill the form (Credit card not required) OR if you already created a AddCTA account simply click on Login and enter your email and password click on Login button.

2. Add Your Call to Action Any Web Page

After visiting dashboard click on "Add New CTA" create your custom Call to Action.

Describing Fields:

  • "Enter a URL" Enter your targeted URL where wants to add your Call to Action.
  • "Title" Enter Call to Action custom title.
  • "Button Text" Custom button text.
  • "Landing Page URL" Enter a url where visitor will land after clicking button.
  • Next four fields are for Call to Action custom colors.
Don't forget to Save this Call to Action

3. Share Short Link

When your CAT is successfully saved page will redirect to social share options you can share it your favorite social media just click on social media icon. If you website owner then you can add call to action all external links & Share this link anywhere you want.

4. Dashboard

Click on "Dashboard" get day by day detailed analytical information.